Welcome to Testing JavaScript course!

In this lesson we are going to learn essential concepts about testing JavaScript applications.

Of course, worth mentioning, this is a demo course and not prepared with much detail. Just to show you how Awesome Courses work 🤫

Before getting started, let's think about a question: Why do we need tests?

As developers, especially JS developers 🥲, I tend to do lots of mistakes while developing something. It is inevitable.

What we are doing to get rid these little mistakes? We use tools to check our code like linters and formatters. These are part of static testing. They make confidence in our code. But in some cases, they are not enough to safe our code. Sometimes we need to test all the details of a function we wrote, check outputs of a component, etc. Here we do this by writing tests.

Are you excited? Let's learn what we can test. Click the start button to continue.

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